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5 Ways Massage Can Improve Your Health

Massage therapy can play an important role in your health regimen. Here are five ways massage may improve health and wellness.

1. Lower stress. The longterm effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy may relieve stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches.

2. Increase immune function. Medical research indicates that massage therapy can help boost immune system strength by increasing the activity level of the body’s natural "killer T cells,” which fight off viruses.

3. Boost mental health and wellness. Research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (all associated with mental health) may be directly affected with massage therapy.

4. Manage pain. Pain can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and impede recovery from illness or injury. Recent findings highlight the role of massage in pain management.

5. Improve physical fitness. Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from massage therapymassage can reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance and prevent injuries.

Customer Reviews

Gisele * Apr 18, 2017

Shu is awesome !!!!! Great massage and atmosphere!!! Highly recommend!

Adarsh S * Apr 13, 2017

Had wonderful massage experience, she was able to work on

my shoulders and neck area with exact pressure on the pain points.

Overall I recommend Ohana.

Jennifer g * Mar 24, 2017

Always a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

Richard P * Mar 22, 2017

WONDERFUL MASSAGE!! She uses many different techniques that blend together for one

 of the best massages ever.

I booked 3 more 90 min massages when she was finished.

Excellent service.

Alison M. · July 8, 2016 ·

She was really good

HYEJIN C. · June 17, 2016 ·

loved the experience

Nancy G. · February 2, 2016 ·


Yu J. · January 20, 2016 ·

The most relaxing massage I have ever had

Jay G. · December 27, 2015 ·

Great massage!

Linda B. · November 4, 2015 ·

Loved my massage and will definitely go back often.

Linda G. · October 10, 2015 ·

Really great, relaxing massage

Betty · October 29, 2015 ·

She is amazing Best massage I have ever had

LaTasha N. · September 19, 2015 ·

She has wonderful technique !

Janet X. · September 4, 2015 ·

I've been to several massage but have to say this is the BEST!!!!

 Shu is the best massage therapist!

I'm hooked and already scheduled for the next session :-)

Nantajit G. · July 21, 2015 ·

Superb is an understatement. You will love Shu(Jo Jo).

Very good massage. I am now a customer till the service remains as good.

Vinita B. · July 17, 2015 ·


Excellent message.

Ranna M. · July 8, 2015 ·  

Place was very nice.

I really enjoyed the massage and I will be going back there.

Jody S. · July 1, 2015 ·

My son loved the massage! He said "Mom, that was amazing!!).

He will come again when he is home for Christmas Break. Thank you!

Connie W. · June 25, 2015 ·

Best massage ever.

Alice N. · June 22, 2015 ·

Her office is in the back, to the right as you face the front of the building.

M R. · May 29, 2015 ·

Professional, clean, relaxing and very thorough.

Left feeling amazing and definitely looking forward to my next massage.

Lauren C. · May 25, 2015 ·

Come prepared to become relaxed

Sam H. · May 22, 2015 ·

 A hidden gem for sure!

In no way did I feel jipped because I purchased a Groupon.

The massage was WONDERFUL! It was so good I made a second appointment at the regular price.

This was my best Groupon purchase so far! THANKS!

Sandy F. · May 5, 2015 ·

Best massage ever!

Shu knows what she's doing. She is very caring and professional. Highly recommended.

I will definitely go back. Five stars all the way!

Christy L. · April 8, 2015 ·

Absolutely fantastic hidden gem. Hands down the best massage in DFW.

I will be a repeat customer, she's absolutely fantastic!

Amanda K. · March 18, 2015 ·

Shu..is wonderful! A very clean and relaxing place. Fabulous massage and you get your full time.

Maria L. · March 17, 2015 ·

Fantastic massage therapist! HIGHLY recommend!

Chika N. · March 8, 2015 ·

I had a wonderful massage!

 I didn't realize how tight I was until she starting working on me!

Highly recommended!

Mary L. · February 16, 2015 ·

Excellent massage..

very caring and understanding your needs.

Kiran G. · February 15, 2015 ·

Great customer service and great massage!

Highly recommend!

Alex M. · January 26, 2015 ·

Great massage, highly recommended

Harley E. · January 23, 2015 ·

Great massage, relaxing atmosphere.

Szu did a great job.

Robert D. · December 18, 2014 ·

She is amazing!!! Purchase the 90 minute massage, and you will not regret it!

Sarah · December 17, 2014 ·

You should try them

Brian R. · December 16, 2014 ·

She is superb and I heartily recommend her to others!

Marsha W. · December 11, 2014 ·

 Thank you ~*