Healing Arts

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Please read OHANA Healing Arts policy before making appointment.

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- Swedish Massage -

60 minutes / $65          75 minutes / $75

( Gentle, but firm pressure)

The goal of Swedish Massage is to promote relaxation and stress relief. While increasing oxygen flow,

it also improves blood circulation and flexibility as well as relieving sore muscles.

- Firm Treatment -

60 minutes / $75

( Strong & Deep work on specific area)

The Deep Tissue Massage is an effective way to heal damaged muscles whether caused by normal

wear and tear or injury.

- Therapeutic Wellness -

75 minutes / $85

( Gentle or firm where injuries or trauma area)

Manage stress, reduce pain, recover

from sports injuries or trauma, and add to your overall wellness program.

- Reiki Healing -

60 minutes / $75

( Touch free & Hand energy healing on area )

Reiki, commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing, heals by transferring universal energy.

- Thai Stretch -

60 minutes / $75

( Stretch & Yoga body position Massage )

Similar to yoga, a Thai Stretch session relies on active breathing to increase the ability of muscles to stretch.

The therapist will instruct you to breathe in and out deeply while they move your body into a stretch position.

- Trigger Point -

60 minutes / $75

( Direct Pressure technique on area of pain & knots )

A trigger point is a tight and painful area that can occur within the muscle. The therapist will be using direct

pressure to release knots and help ease localized and radiating pain or tenderness.

- Cupping  Therapy -

           30  mins  cupping + 30 mins Swedish Massage / $65

        ( Cup placed on the skin) ( Swedish Massage & Pressure point )

A  Cupping Therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin .

Through suction, the skin is drawn into  the cup by creating a vacuum in the cup placed on the skin over the targeted area.

- OHANA Healing Massage -

 90 Minutes $120

Your first Visit is $ 85

Is combine all different techniques below:

( Swedish Massage - Firm Treatment - Reiki Healing - Thai Stretch - Acupressure - Cupping and more)

  ( Appointment Only )

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